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The Full Story


Green Industries Management Systems was an  idea that came to us in our search for investment opportunities. The question was: How does one maximize returns on investment in Land,Agroforesty, and Forestry related products ? The answer was found in organanization and excellent management of all processes from the beginning of the idea to the customer recieving the final product from us.We started this company to help  coordinate and manage processes from formation of  the Vision,Ideas and Plans to implementation of projects on the ground.

We wanted to be able to maintain our projects in the best way possible to ensure excellent outcomes in terms of the products we put on the market. To achieve this,we need to organize and coordinate all processes in space and time.

Thus in 2020 we started small.In a remote corner of the globe South of Uganda we started with 1.5 acres  and 2500 trees. In 2021, we added 10 acres with 10,000 trees followed in 2022 with additional 10 acres with 12,000 trees. Today in 2023, our latest project added 30 acres with 38,000 trees on it. 

The vision  is to manage 2000 hectares of commercial agroforestry with more than 5.5 million trees over the next decade.



At Green Industries MS LLC, our mission is to smartly, efficiently and automatically organize and manage agro-forestry investments to maximize returns for our investors, businesses and the community



To achieve the highest standards in Land,Forestry and Agroforesty product management for the benefit of  the Environment,our Investors and the greater community



Like Lilies, we treasure our values and hold them in the highest regard.

  • Boldness

  • Diligence

  • Accountability

  • Trustworthiness

  • Customer Service

  • Forward thinking

  • Commitment

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