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beautiful rush green forest with people


Project Bush-80

Located a few meters from the feeder road connectec to a main highway is this amazing project. One of our first projects. It's 2.6 years old and progressing fast. 

See Youtube link below

Forest Project Bush-18 at 2.6 yrs 2024 #tree #forest #green #uganda - YouTube


Project Kim-180

Located 1.5 km from the main highway, this project provides easy access to transportation to markets. Its one of our newest projects located on a well drained land capable of supporting massive forests in both dry and wet seasons.

See video link below:

New Project Kim-18 at 6 months #forest #uganda #uganda #investmentproperty - YouTube


Project Kab-1/50

The very first project that opened the door to other projects. Its easily accessible about 2 km from main highway. Native eucalyptus trees make up the majority of the forest. Though they grow slowly they tend to have very high quality output for construction materials.


Project Kanal-140

This is one of our latest projects located about 2 km from a major highway. Land comprising of black sandy soils well drained with nearby running streams will enable fast growth of this project.

See video link below :

Project Kan13 at 4 months #green #uganda #forest - YouTube


Project Kas-90

This is Project was one of our earliest that gave us proof of concept. Located close riverbanks, it supports a large quantity of trees contributing to local ecological balance. Its location is a bit far from the road of about 5 km from the nearest feeder road

See video link below:

KG FOREST PROJECT at 1yr #eucalyptustrees #forest #nature #uganda #tree - YouTube



Project Kit2-100

This is the smallest of the projects thus far but with incredible expected  outcomes. Located right off the main highway.

The soil structure in this location is more clayish and though growth is slower,the outcomes tend to be strong.

tall eucalyptus trees.jpg
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