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How Investing In Green Industries Works

Investing in Land, Agroforestry and Forestry related products is a short, medium and long-term strategy that allows anyone to achieve Financial independence. Below is an overview of analytical ideas on how getting involved can help you achieve success. He who invests in this area wins 5 times in their lifetime. I'll illustrate with smaller scales but it's up to you to think of any scale that you want to use to invest in the sector. [5 minute read]

How you win 5 times with this kind of investment

There are very few examples of investments that can allow you the freedom to win  5 times in a lifetime by doing the same things.

1. You own the Land

First and most important win is Land Ownership. Compared to other countries, Land in Southern Uganda is still relatively less pricey. Each acre typically costs 4 to 7m [ 1100 - 1900 USD]. To illustrate an example we'll use a median 1500 USD as an average price per acre.  With is example you can own 5 acres at  7500 USD. You can use this example to calculate the cost of any size of land what you want to own and invest in.

2. You own the appreciation on that land

The value of your land will consistently go up with time. For example, it would be reasonable to project that the value of your Land will be expected to go up to 10 -15 million per acre in about 15 yrs from now. In USD,thats an equivalent of double your original purchase price. Using Example of 5 acres above, you'd be looking at ~ 15000 USD in about 15 yrs. 

3. You own the value of Trees on that Land

The value of the trees planted on the Land goes up with time. Using the example above, one can plant about 6000 trees spaced out in standard way on 5 acres. In about 4 yrs, each eucalyptus tree can generate roofing poles at 2 USD each which means that in that period, one can generate ~ 12000USD. At 12 yrs,which is the standard recommended time for harvesting mature trees, each goes UP in value to ~ 30 USD. That means that  one can generate180,000 USD from an approximate investment of ~10000 USD. Better still, at 20 yrs, the value of each tree will be kicked up to ~40 USD each. That  mean making ~240,000 USD from the same investment. Simple approximation will tell you that this is good progress. This is the magic of natural compound interest.

4. You can reuse your land many times

In your lifetime, you can use your property many times over. Supposing you're 30 yrs when you invest in your first property, you can plant and harvest at 15 years 3 times before you reach 75 yrs of age. This simply means that you can do it again and again and again. Winning all the time !

5. You can sell off your property in old age

You can decide to dispose off your property at 75 yrs having used it multiple times and use that money to retire wealthier than you already are. To be honest by this time, this decision is up to you b'se you have won already multiple times. Alternatively, you can pass it on to your heirs.

6. Bonus point

You can win more by planning 100 % utilization of all products from your property. You can find multiple uses for products from your property if you use 100% utilization philosophy. Zero Waste.

Thanks for reading 

Created and authored by Andrew N.MD,Executive Founder,Green Industries MS

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