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Hello, my name is Andrew Ntab MD. Executive Founder Green Industries Management Systems LLC. I'm passionate about Healthcare, Commercial agroforestry Investment and the Environment. I believe that to heal the environment we don't have to sacrifice capitalism. Rather, the care for the environment can go hand in hand with sustainable investment into commercial agroforestry that brings benefits to investors and the climate. This cannot be done without appropriate management systems designed to achieve both goals.  Trees utilize water (H20) and Carbon dioxide (CO2) powered by Solar (sun) energy to make glucose-based polymers and give off Oxygen (O2) for our benefit. By utilizing CO2, trees function as huge carbon sinks thus helping to stabilize Earth's weather systems. My goal is to help people achieve their investment goals as well as care for the environment. For this reason, I believe that together we can deliver on the promises built into Natural Resources.

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My Story

I grew up around a close nit community where we had beautiful weather systems in the tropical climate South of Uganda. The air was clean, and water was readily available.  It was essential to maintain every resource available to us in the best shape possible in our environment by doing as much as we can to avoid destroying it. It was everyone's responsibility to make sure that nothing is destroyed. When I moved to the United States, I felt the need to avoid destroying these great values that I learned as a kid. 

As time went by, I realized that we have to put more into the system than we were taking out to maintain a balance in the Ecosystem. Thus, we needed a systematic approach to investment into Natural Resources that help us achieve returns as well as reap benefits of a healthy ecosystem. 

Our main objective in starting Green Industries MS came out of the need to organize these ideas and turn them into reality. 

It took me several years of planning and building to bring these ideas to fruition. It also took me several weeks to design and build this website myself. This is personal touch.


I believe that our values of accountability,Boldness,Committment,Customer service, Forward thinking and Trustworthiness will endure in our relationship that starts with you today.

I'm so excited to hear from you and working with you soon !


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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