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Land acquisition processes

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Although there are complex steps in the process of Land acquisition, it is important to present a simplified version for any potential investor.

1. Of course, the very first step is land scouting and notification of sale. Our experience is that once people know that you’re a trustworthy buyer, they’ll keep notifying you about new Lands on sale in your area.

2. Next important step is to understand the land tenure system at the location under consideration. In Southern Uganda, the land tenure system is four-fold: Customary Hold, Leasehold, Mailo land, and Free-Hold. It’s important to familiarize yourself with how each system differs from the other and how that may impact your investment. 

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 3. If you have acquired interest in purchasing the land, you arrange initial meetings with the seller. The key to this meeting is discussing initial prices and understanding quantities.

4. After that meeting, you must make your own inquiries and perform extensive background checks on the land and the seller. You do your search on titles with regional land office and your own search on the ground. This is where 100 % due diligence is needed. Don’t move on to next steps if this is not satisfied to the highest degree possible.

5. Next, you agree on a date to survey the land by a qualified Surveyor to definitively understand the quantities. At this step, you can also review all prior arrangements and agreements on that land.

 6. If everything looks good, you discuss final agreement on financing and resources based on specific quantities that were measured. Then you arrange payments, the signing of agreements with all key witnesses and transfer ownership to the new owner.

7. Lastly, you arrange new title transfer to your names.

8. After that, your land is fully owned by you and ready for use.

Due to the complexity of navigating these steps, this is the most rate limiting step in Agroforestry investment that requires 100% due diligence and good strategic communication and patience.

The Good news is that Green Industries MS has acquired multiple property in Southern Uganda. We have incredible experience in navigating these processes. We’re ready to assist you at every step of the way.

Author: Andrew N. MD, Executive founder,Green Industries Management Systems LLC

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